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Galveston Bible Church is a group of followers of Jesus Christ who seek to live the principles taught us through the Bible by the Holy Spirit. We believe that every follower of Jesus is a vital part of His work in the world today. We seek to learn about Jesus while following His example for life. We assert that genuine belief and behavior are intimately connected.

We believe that all of life for a follower of Jesus rightly belongs to God and that there is no distinction between that which is sacred and that which is secular. We affirm the value of life in all areas of human endeavor as it is rightly related to God. This includes, but is not limited to, work, the arts, science, leisure, family, community, justice, compassion, wealth, and giving.

We gather to offer praise to God, to strengthen one another in our faith, and to learn of God's purpose for us through study of the Bible.


Galveston Bible Church Worship Leaders Tim and Susie Bjorklund


Tim grew up in Flagstaff, AZ, until his dad and two of his brothers moved to Minnesota. He later moved to Menomonie, Wisconsin, where he lived for over 20 years. Tim was active in the Alliance Church there and received a great deal of teaching and support as he went through some rough patches in his life. God led Tim to be married to his wife, Susie, in 2006 when he then moved to Durango, CO. They lived there for 2 years. Shortly after Hurricane Ike Tim and Susie came to Galveston to work in construction and the rebuilding of damaged homes here. His wife and he felt that God was asking them to move here, but they thought it was strictly to provide an income in the construction industry here. God had other plans and they were called to GBC to serve here in any capacity that He had planned for them.


Tim currently is the principle partner in a furniture manufacturing and retail company they have formed here in Galveston. He has submitted to God's plan for their lives and will continue to serve here until God moves them somewhere else or takes him home. Tim is humbled to have been made an Elder here at GBC. He prays that his focus will always be to serve God wherever he calls him and that God will equip Tim for that work for which he has called him. Ephesians 2: 4-10

Galveston Bible Church pastor Jason Dohring


Allen Blake and his wife Cindy moved to Galveston in 2016 and found a home in Galveston Bible Church.

Allen enjoys serving others in whatever way the Lord leads. His prayer is that we all have a growing walk with God through a life and worldview that is consistently biblical.

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